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Want To Be A Doula?
Before you spend your hard-earned money on an expensive doula course, it pays to do your research first.

How would you like a complete, behind the scenes look at what life is like as a doula?

The demand for doulas is BOOMING. Especially for doulas who are well prepared - because it shows in their work. 

Read the eBook that leading doula trainers say is A MUST for all people considering training to become a doula.
What This eBook Is All About:
In Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know, you'll find detailed answers to key questions 
I'm frequently asked about becoming a doula.  Of course, I'll also cover everything else in between!
Secret #1: How Many Births Can I Expect To Attend Per Month?
"Can you work full time as a doula?"
"Can you work part time with another job?"
I'll share what amount of work you can realistically achieve working as a doula.
Secret #2: How Much Can I Expect To Earn Working As A Doula?
Especially if doula work will be your only source of income, it's smart to find out what you can expect to earn, and if it's enough for your current lifestyle.
I'll discuss money issues and what doulas are currently charging.
Secret #3: Do I Have What It Takes To Be A Successful Doula?
"What if I don't have any children?"
"But, I've never been at someone else's birth before..."
 I'll give you my thoughts and experiences around what makes a great doula.
Secret #4: What Challenges Might I Face As A Doula?
Every job, and every industry has its challenges.  The doula industry is not immune to this!
You'll be prepared and aware for all the challenges before you step foot into the doula world, giving you a huge head start.
Secret #5: When Should I NOT Become A Doula
Yes, there are times where I advise people NOT to become doulas.
It certainly requires some honest, open thinking before deciding to work as a doula.
I'll help you determine if you're truly ready to work as a doula.
Secret #6: How Can I Find My First Birth To Attend?
Wondering how on earth you'll find your required trainee births, let alone clients?

Don't know anyone who is pregnant? No problem.
I'll give you my very best advice on how to get started and find that very first birth (and more).
When you order a copy of Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need To Know, you'll get:
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What Doula Trainers & Doulas Are Saying:
"It's very exciting 
to finally have 
access to such 
a comprehensive 
e-book for women who want to be doulas!"
" We've seen a huge rise in the number of doulas and training courses over the last decade. 

So much so, it can be difficult to know where to start if you were thinking of embarking on this exciting career path. 
Kelly's ebook is a much needed resource. I wish I had read something similar almost 20 years ago when I did my first doula training course in London. 
I totally wasted my money, and came away confused and far from confident. No such guidebook had warned me about less than professional training courses. 
Not only does Kelly give you a great insight into the realities of being a doula, but she has done all the research for you on all of the trainings available in Australia."

Lisa Chalmers - Doula Trainer at Australian Doulas
A book about becoming a doula that’s up to date 
and relevant for aspiring doulas!"
  "Doula work is an incredibly rewarding calling, but it’s also very demanding - on both the doula and her family. The burn out rate is high, and many doulas struggle to get started. 

Most training programs aren't preparing doulas for the realities of juggling life on call, running a business, setting boundaries, and attracting clients. 
Kelly’s book covers everything I’d love for new doulas to know. There’s no fluff, no fairy dust…just 100% straight talk on what it really takes to do this amazing, life-changing work.
It’s an exciting time to become a doula - more and more women are learning about how we make a difference to birth, and are looking for our services. 

So You Want To Be A Doula? is the perfect starting point for your journey into birth work. "

Tina Ziegenfusz - Doula at Glow Doula
"Kelly's e-book is 
a must read 
for all doula students and 
those considering entering into the doula profession."
" The book provides great insight into the 'real world' of a doula.

It also includes important questions to consider prior to engaging in the profession.  
I hope that this e-book will also assist students in their journey as a doula, so they can understand and come back to the very basic principles of doula work, what is important and how to prepare to enter into the practice.
As a trainer, I know that doula training can be undertaken for deep personal development as well as as a career path.
This book will go a long way in helping potential students be clear about what their motivations are, what is valuable to them and what particular training will help meet their individual needs."

Rachel Vines - Doula Trainer at The Birth Yurt
Kelly Winder
Kelly Winder trained to become a doula in 2004. After having two disappointing birth experiences, she wanted to support women to have nurturing, life changing births that they'd look back on and remember as being fully supported. 

Today, Kelly has supported almost 100 births, including twins, breech vaginal birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), drug-free births, c-section, a birth in the back of a car, and more. 

Kelly is also the creator of, which is trusted by 1-2 million parents and parents to be, every single month.

She decided to write this eBook as she felt compelled to share her experiences and journey through some joyful, and also difficult times as a doula.

In Want To Be A Doula? Everything You Need to Know, you'll read everything Kelly wished she knew before she became a doula... and what doula trainers would love for you to know too - BEFORE you become a doula. 
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